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Fixing the Fixtures, Part 2: Why it’s easy both to agree and to disagree with the BHA’s premierisation strategy

I’m a fan of the ever-inconsistent Glenda Slagg in Private Eye, deriding the people that she’s just praised with lashings of innuendo, so what would she make of British racing at the moment? ... Read
Jon Hughes

by Jon Hughes

Fixing the Fixtures, Part 1: Sunday Best – The bloated fixture list and outdated programme are to be modernised. But is the thinking right?

Much has been made of the BHA’s proposed premierisation and their desire to declutter the 2pm-4pm window on Saturdays by moving some of the minor meetings. I’m okay with the concept of... Read
Ged Shields

by Ged Shields

Not What I was Dreaming Of, But Premierisation Can Work

As a passionate owner involved in 19 racehorses from foals to chasers, I was absorbed recently as the epic “Premierisation – To Boldly Go” unfolded, but couldn’t stop myself humming along to Judy... Read
Jon Hughes

by Jon Hughes

We Welcome Racing’s New Governance Structure – Will it Be a Strong Foundation for the Future or the Last Chance Saloon?

Right from the start of Keep Owners in Racing’s campaign back in 2020 we have argued that design and delivery of radical initiatives capable of growing and sustaining our sport would not happen... Read
Jon Hughes

by Jon Hughes

Racing’s New Holy Trinity of “Innovation, Growth and Sustainability” – Great that the first strategic step is under way, but a huge amount to do.

As KOIR has been campaigning for the last two years for a Strategy for British Racing, it would be churlish indeed not to welcome the initial statements of intent from a BHA-facilitated two-day... Read

by Jon Hughes & Ged Shields

Horse Racing’s Dark Secrets – Endangering the Relevance and Sustainability of British Racing

Royal Ascot has come and gone: 300,000 racegoers, men in top hats and tails, women in chic outfits and beautiful, or bizarre, millinery, gathered for the highlight of the racing calendar. Now we... Read
Jon Hughes

by Jon Hughes

Carpe Diem – An Open Letter to Joe Saumarez Smith on Governance, Leadership and Sustainability of British Racing

Dear Joe, The warmest of welcomes into your new role as Chair of the BHA. Your appointment has been well received and the Keep Owners in Racing network is highly supportive. Over the last two... Read

by Jon Hughes, Ged Shields & Byron Ousey

British Racing is in Decline – Why Less Can Be More, and the Case for Cutting the Total Number of Races

Earlier in the month, KOIR was invited by the Racing Post to comment on the need to reduce the number of races in the UK. We also participated in the Sky Racing Debate on the subject. This blog... Read

by Jon Hughes & Ged Shields

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Part 2 – Joe Saumarez Smith, New Chair of the BHA, Rides to the Rescue?

Readers of the KOIR blog will know that we’ve been staunch critics of racing’s woeful lack of proper leadership. Encouragingly, some of the tectonic plates within the governance of the sport... Read
Jon Hughes

by Jon Hughes

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, Part 1 – Loud Cheers for Chelmsford and Resounding Boos for the Miser of the Month, Newbury Racecourse

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you’ll know that Keep Owners in Racing has always positioned prize-money as a central plank in the sustainability of British racing. We campaign for... Read
Jon Hughes

by Jon Hughes

Rudderless and All at Sea – Racing Needs an Independent Review of Future Direction and Governance: a Catalyst for Change

In the absence of any signs of transformative leadership from the corridors of power of British racing, and embracing the tradition of New Year’s resolutions, the Keep Owners in Racing team has... Read
Jon Hughes & Ged Shields

by Jon Hughes & Ged Shields

The Pantomime of British Racing’s Prize-Money – Although No-one is Laughing

A quintessential part (or at least in pre-Covid times) of Christmas is a trip to the pantomime. We all regard it as a marvellous, if somewhat eccentric, British institution and an opportunity to... Read
Jon Hughes & Mark Kershaw

by Jon Hughes & Mark Kershaw

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